About Us


“Dekora (R) Art Gallery was established in Delhi under the entrepreneurship of P.N.GUPTA, a successful Industrialist (Ex. Chairman of Dekora Pigments & Paints Pvt.Ltd.) and an Artist himself. His main moto is to promote and give recognition to upcoming and emerging artists from all over the country. The gallery stocks apart from works of Masters, paintings of artists who have tremendous creative talent and are the Masters of the future. Our aim is to promote good art. That good art will always be recognized and appreciated sooner or later and today’s unknown creative breed of artists will be the Masters of tomorrow. Now it has been more than a decade since its inception and its journey in the new millennium and geared up an evolution in the contemporary Art in India. So forever a decade Dekora Art has show cased some of the unique and finest exhibitions of Contemporary Art in building up a gateway of Indian Arts in the world market. Presently we are operating from New Delhi keeping with the latest trends of the Art Market and doing an Online Art Shop where a buyer can opt to select and buy a Modern and Contemporary Artwork of his or her choice from a variety of Collections done by various renowned Artists of India. Dekora Art Gallery since its inception has been instrumental in promoting the upcoming Artists and newer generation Artworks . We at our Exhibitions tried to popularize the concept of “

Affordable Art “to our buyers and collectors. Buying Online is the fast trend now a days, the buyers/Collectors prefer to select the Artwork sitting in the comfort of their Homes. So here we are at Dekora Art.Com to serve you with our best.

For any queries related to orders, you may contact us at 91 9818084054 or email: guptapremn@gmail.com